Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rumours from someone else

This morning, I woke up to find some stuff posted on my FB page about the upcoming Warhammer release:  Storm of Magic.  It was originally posted on my site by Tom Back (thanx, Tom) and then I found it on a great blog known as Tabletop Fix, who credits Warseer for the info.  Here's the pics:

(click on them to see the larger pictures.  I'm trying to keep the article as small as possible.)

Since most will have already seen this stuff, I'm just gonna throw my opinion out there:
If this is what Warhammer Fantasy is about to become, I'm thinking the stranglehold 40k has on America may finally come to an end.  This is the COOLEST stuff I've seen since the days of good DnD books.  Now, if only it were legal to prostitute oneself to make enough money for all this stuff...

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