Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rare metal models, and I'm done!

I'm finally at the end of the 'Era of Building'.  Not because I suddenly have an urge to paint but more because I've run out of stuff to build.  I decided to go back to my Blood Angels because I had a strong urge to build a Stormraven.  That'll be the next blog, so stay tuned.

In any case, I needed to add the final units to my Blood Angels.  The army is nearly full of red models, from the marines with guns to the tanks with flamers.  But I lacked a very archetypical Blood Angels unit- the Death Company.  Well...  I have a unit built up, but why only one?  So I built another unit, this time without jump packs.  Now I have two huge units of Death Company to shove down the enemy's throat.  But wait, I can't use more than one unit in a normal army!

So I did what any sane, Death Company-loving fool would- I dug Astorath the Grim out.  And if I gotta have the Angel of Death in my army, it only makes sense to have the Lord of Death as well.  And I gotta have a buddy for my company Captain, so I added a Librarian with a jump pack.  And the Librarian needs a bodyguard, so I rebuilt the Vanguard Vets.  Oh yes, it was character-o-rama at Jay's Workshop yesterday.  Now if I could just get the paintbrushes moving...

Here's the pictures.  I hope seeing the doods in metal brings a tear of nostalgia to your eye.  Too soon?

And now, all the doods with primer on them...

Get your modelling on!

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