Monday, May 23, 2011

GW's new models

Last week, the blogosphere exploded with the news of resin models and more expensive prices from GW.  They promised that they'd release the official news today.  They did, and here it is:

Sadly, it's exactly as I expected- nothing more than the old metal models recast in resin.  The models DO look great (Citadel minis almost always do), but I was hoping for some new sculpts.  However, I understand that wouldn't be realistic for the company either as GW would have to 'reinvent' 22,000 molds. 

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  1. Things like this are about par for the course. I'm so disappointed in the hobby as a whole. I feel let down, man. I'm going hobby free as soon as my last commission job is done. Totally stopping, ebaying all models, keeping only the books. It's a sad time, but it's gotta happen. And besides... I have a LOT of GW product...think of how many VIDEO GAMES I can buy with all the loot I'll get from their sales!