Saturday, May 7, 2011

Army List Review

So I've been off the hobby train for almost a month now.  Between visiting great friends and general family stuff, I just haven't had the motivation or alot of time to do any painting.  I've made up for it by staying consistent on the blogs and building.  Lots and lots of building of stuff.  (I sense another blog article coming on already...)

Last week, I went to my LGS and dropped some High Elf bitz in a couple of guys' hands.  I have a bazillion points of High Elves and they were looking for a couple of small things.  It felt good.  It also presented an opportunity for me- they were playing a game of Warhammer and I could watch a tiny bit of it.  It was nice to see a game again. 

Now I still don't wanna go to the game store and play every night, mostly because everyone is in a paid league and I HATE the concept of 'pay-to-play'.  It's nothing against the shop and I used to be a part of this very same league long before I got my black carapace.  But these days, especially considering how poor I currently am, that's just not a concept I can get behind anymore.

So what do I do instead?  In between monthly visits, I hobby at home.  And right now, I'm in an 'era of building'.  And seeing that Fantasy game got me ready to go.  Now y'all may remember the Warriors of Chaos army I put up awhile back, but I'm just so... meh about Chaos.  It's a small army, I LOVE the models (that's why I have an army to start with), but they're so boring.  One entire phase of the game is actually ignored!  To play High Elves, I would need to build 400 points more in core (I'm woefully under-equipped thanks to the last edition and this army's special rule).  Remembering how little time I want to spend on anything, I opted for Empire. 

Wierd, right?

For some strange reason, building the old 2-piece Empire models by the dozens seemed so much easier than building a few more elves.  And, as it turned out, I was much happier doing it.  I had a couple of basic principles in mind, which were quickly discarded, and I opted for the 'civil war' style army again.  I can't help it.  I love cannons.  I love tanks because they have cannons (though I did NOT include a steam tank in this list).  I love battleships because they have LOTS of cannons.  Overall, cannons pretty much rule.  And I went that way with my army as well. 

Without further rambling, here's the army from the front:

Here's a better view of the army from above:

And here's the army list:

  • General, Dawn Armor, shield, Sword of Sigismund  163 pts
  • Archmage, lvl 4, Seal of Destruction (Lore of Fire)  255pts
  • Captain, full plate armor, BSB, Griffon Standard  138 pts
  • Engineer, Hochland Long Rifle  85 pts
  • Battle Mage, Dispel Scroll (Lore of Heavens)  90 pts
  • Warrior Priest, heavy armor, second warhammer, Shroud of Magnus  148 pts
  • 40 Spearmen, full command  260 pts
    • Detachment:  20 Free Company  100 pts
  • 10 Handgunners, marksman, Repeater Rifle  100 pts
  • 12 Handgunners, marksman, Repeater Rifle  100 pts
  • 10 Handgunners  80 pts
  • 18 Handgunners  144 pts
  • 30 Greatswords, full command, Standard of Arcane Warding  360 pts
  • Mortar  75 pts
  • Mortar  75 pts
  • Cannon  100 pts
  • Cannon  100 pts
  • Helblaster Volley Gun 110 pts

Total:  2499 pts

So that's it.  Please let me know what you guys think.  I'm actually kinda proud of this force right now, not having used it. 

Now for some gratuitous pictures:

This is my favorite Empire model in the entire line.  I actually replaced my original captain AND gave up any hope of a Griffon Lord because of how awesome this model looks.  That just proves that bigger is not always better...
 And here's the models I painted for this army some 7 years ago.  That was way back when I was in Philly and Kislev was getting some love, so I jumped on the bandwagon.  But only for a short time, then the goldfish took over as it does...

Obviously, these guys are gonna get some updated love, but this is generally what I'm going for.  This is my chosen color scheme for the 'Neat Army of the West, Originating from Bissendorf'.  (Empire always loves to make names long...)
Happy Gaming!

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