Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jay's Workshop got a facelift

As many of you may have noticed, I changed some things about the blog.  I don't like the bright white background and I don't know how to frame pictures.  So, as stated in a great song- paint it black!  I hope you guys like the new background as much as I do.

I also got a wild hair this week and decided that I was tired of the real-life Workshop.  Every week, my buddies and I cram ourselves in between all the shelves and boxes and try to get comfortable around a table that requires us to move around alot.  Needless to say, it wasn't terribly comfortable.

After a brief inspection, I realized that I had plastic bins everywhere, and was using my space terribly inefficiently.  I bought some track shelving, dusted off the old posters, and recruited a couple family members to help.  After a day and a night (or basically a couple hours of work spread over a loooooooong time.  Laziness is a family trait, after all), here are the results:

As you can see, there's an immense amount of room around the table now, and I can even get to and open the garage, er, workshop door!  This'll be important as Texas gets a bit warm during summer and a closed, uh, workshop can become a pressure-cooker pretty quick.  Most importantly, notice that the left side is open.  That's now the 'cool' wall.  Check it out:

I finally put up a magazine rack for all the White Dwarfs (as of this moment, I'm waiting for my LGS to restock their supply for this month.  I wanna read about Grey Knights!) and transferred the generic terrain to shelving of its own.  I also hung up about a sixth of my posters, mostly because I'm tired of staring at blank white walls (not too dissimilar to the blogsite).  My favorite poster is the cutaway of the Land Raider.  It came with WD 245, which was the same month I really committed myself to collecting everything ever for the rest of time.  Although that mission was helped significantly for a long time and is now no longer achievable, that poster still marks the beginning of an era for me- my hobby era.

Also, you'll see the collection of blisters on the wall around the electrical recept- that's almost every limitted edition model that GW released from GD Canada '01 until GD Baltimore '09.  It's one of my proudest collections, if only because it's literally a time-capsule for that time.  I'll do a blog showing them all off for history's sake at some point- don't let me forget!

Finally, you'll notice I put all the plastic bins together (I had alot more than I thought!) and I consolidated all my models and useable books to the bookshelf.  See the gaming supplies on the shelf?  That was on purpose as I'd constantly knock over some models or something every time I needed a special dice or a template.  Now, I can run a tournament in a second...  on one table...  in my garage, er workshop...  Okay, maybe not.  But now I can actually get to those things, dammit!

And there ya go!  This just goes to show what being caught up on your projects gets ya- random cleaning! 

Happy Gaming!

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