Thursday, March 10, 2011

Basic Training: Assembling FoW Infantry

Flames of War uses alot of metal, and the infantry are totally so.  I added a mortar platoon to my German army, and figured it'd be a great chance to show off the assembly of these units.  Before you get started on your own models, make sure you have the following:  1. The models and bases.  Duh.  2. a pair of side-cutters.  3. a file, usually flat or triangular.  And finally 4. super-glue.  Okay, let's get going.

Step one:  Lay out all the models and ensure that each base gets an equal amount of different doods.  The platoons seem to always come with enough different models so that each 'base' or team has different models.  For example, a unit with 6 teams (bases of guys) of 4 soldiers each will come with 24 models.  There will be 4 or more different poses, and up to six of each pose.  Each team may look identical to the team next to it, but you can almost always be sure that each team is made up of different individual doods.
This step may seem obvious, but I already made the mistake on my first infantry company, so it must be said.
Make sure to clip off all the 'flash'.  That's the extra metal bitz just hanging off the extended parts of the model.

Step two:  File each of the models and remove the mould lines.  Remember that the models are created in a vaccuum-molding process, meaning that there will be a 2D line all the way around each piece.  This is because the two flat moulds are pushed against each other while the injected metal tries to force its way out. 
Mostly pay attention to any long gun barrels and helmets.  When you paint the models, these will be the most obvious if you miss the mould lines.  Remember that to file, you simply 'drag' the [flat] file ACROSS the area you want to file away.  More pressure will leave deeper gouges as you drag, so make sure you're careful not to push too hard.

Step three:  Hopefully you've kept all your models sorted as per step 1, which makes this step easier.  If not, add some arbitrary insults to your hobby skills and repeat step 1, then come back here.  This step is so easy:  simply glue the models to their bases.  Make sure to mix up the positioning of the doods from team to team (this keeps it looking 'real') and make sure to use lots of superglue.  I use GW's brush-on super glue, which is amazing.  If you don't have a brush on, no worries, just squirt a goodly amount of glue onto the bottom of the bases and set them down.  If you're not using the brush-on, the models will need a few minutes to set.  The stuff I use took about 4 seconds to set.  Thanx GW!

Step four:  Admire your infantry.  You've got to give them time to dry anyway, so you might as well stare at the coolness of your new platoon.  I do this often myself.

NOT the mortar platoon.  I know, shaddup!
And there ya go!  The units are assembled and ready to go, and with very little real work.  I have to note right now that building FoW infantry is a little reward compared to building GW models. 

Step five:  Move on to basing.  This will save you time later. 

Happy Hobbying and Happy Gaming!

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