Thursday, February 3, 2011

2011, A unit a week

Makeup for week 3:

Ultramarines 2nd Company, 4th Tactical Squad

Leader:  Sergeant Fennion
Moniker:  the Immortals
This squad is armed with a reinforced plasma rifle, a missle launcher, and the Sergeant has taken a power sword and a plasma pistol.  In addition, the squad is allocated with a Rhino transport.  Their primary battlefield role is as a tactical response unit, filling weaknesses in the battle lines.

In addition, bc I had so much 'extra' time (I finished the squad around Jan 6th, just couldn't get going on the Rhino), I went to town on the missle launcher:

Because Sergeants have such an honored position in the Chapter, I chose to use the 'Veterans Mk II' box for veteran sergeants.  Check it out, the models are actually pretty cool:

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