Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the Grand Openning of the World Famous Jay's Workshop

So I resisted.  I resisted as hard and for as long as I could.  But eventually, society dragged me along.  I refused to get a pager or cellular phone because I didn't need them.  Now, well, you'll never see me without my little textbox.  I absolutely abstained from myspace and facebook and all that.  I don't need to know people online that I already know in real life.  I actually started this blog because one of my facebook buddies and I were chatting about it the other night.  So finally, knowing the results of all the other resistance I put up, I caved.  I've started a blog.
Here's what this blog is about:  It's about my games and sci-fi interests.  It's about toy soldiers and really cool stories.  It's about my nerd-life.  I have one, like most people I know.  In the open public, I'm a normal, well-behaved, equally dull person as everyone is.  But in my garage/basement/hobby room, or even cooler in my case, my game shop surrounded by hundreds of friends, I am a king.  My toy soldiers worship me.  My models yearn for my attention.  My need to create and imagine finally gets addressed.
Follow my rants about the hobby.  Throw in some feedback and make this blog fun.  I just wanted a place to advertise my nerd-life, now I have, now you get to help me make it cool.  Happy Gaming!


  1. FIRST! And I damn well better be as I with all the unrelenting peer pressure I put you under! Good luck with the blog and I look forward to many interesting projects.

  2. Normal outside, nerdy inside... there's a reason my blog is called "The Inner Geek". Welcome to the blogosphere!

    By the way, the Cyborg Trucker sent me... he said to say so.

  3. Geek, your site is awesome!!! I even put it onto my link list. I hope my blog is as cool as yours, it seems to be a great example of what I want mine to be like. Thank you for welcoming me, and Happy Gaming!